Getting To Know You


We work well with our existing clients because we make it our priority to get to know them and understand their business.  You will get the most out of us when we work on that basis.

This is why we offer you our Free Tax-Saving Questionnaire. We want you to start thinking about how you can pay less tax. We hope that you will decide to meet with us to discuss how you can achieve that.

Initial Meeting

When we first meet with you, we will spend time getting to understand the current status of your business and the key issues facing it. We’d like to know what you goals are for your business and what you’d like your business to provide you – a certain level of salary or the ability to pay off your mortgage earlier perhaps.

We will take this opportunity to go through the Tax-Saving Questionnaire together.

We will then tell you about how we work and how we could best help you in your journey to business success.

On completion of that meeting, you will receive our booklet, “Five Essential Strategies for Building a More Profitable, More Resilient Business”, with our compliments and with no obligation to become a client.

If you decide that you are interested in becoming a client, we will draw up a quotation and meet a second time to present you with our proposals.

We will not make any charges until you ask us to become your accountants.

New Client Meeting

Once you have decided that you would like to work with Harlows as your accountants, we will run through all the areas you will need to know about. If we are to provide the best advice we will need to ask you a series of questions to get a clear picture of your financial position. We will also agree who your key contacts will be.


We believe that it is important to gain a new client’s confidence and to do that we must demonstrate what we can do for their business, which is not possible to achieve in a single consultation. In order to demonstrate our commitment to working with you on your journey to business success, we will then conduct a full FREE review of your business worth £750.00. We will provide you with a written report laying out the areas of improvement for your business worth.This will also include a benchmark report against your competitors, to show where you could make small improvements to help you move forward to reach your business goals.This gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your business and to help you to improve your business’ performance.

Our Guarantees

When you work with us, we want you to feel comfortable and clear about what you can expect from us.  These are the guiding principles set up by the founder, Ernest Harlow:

  • Positive Approach
  • Easy Access
  • Openness on fees
  • Prompt Action
  • Lasting relations
  • Enthusiasm

We take a positive approach to building a close working relationship with clients and provide practical answers to their queries.  We seek to anticipate problems, come forward with practical commercial suggestions and ensure that clients are prompted as important HMRC return dates approach.

Second, our key people are consistently and easily accessible to clients.  If we are unable to respond immediately we will get back to clients within 3 hours. 

Thirdly, we understand that we need to provide and demonstrate value for money to clients. Genuinely satisfied clients rarely quibble about our fees.  What clients want is openness on fees; to know where they stand on fees and what the ground rules are.  It is the interest of all concerned to:

  • Agree the basis of fees in advance.  [We do not charge clients according to the time worked on their affairs.] 
  • Make clear what is and what is not included.
  • Be clear what analysis the client will do.
  • Talk to the client immediately if problems come to light during our work.

In today’s business environment we know that clients are more willing to change advisors if they are not satisfied with the service they receive. Nonetheless they know the cost and disruption involved with changing and the benefits of a lasting relationship with key advisors. 

We have a genuine shared enthusiasm for our client’s businesses.  Our aim is to help make their business more profitable, more resilient and commercially fit to come out of come out of the recession successfully.

This approach has been successful and we are proud of the fact there are clients in our portfolio who have been with us since the early 1950’s